Addressing Damaged Sewer Lines

When a sewer line is not functioning properly whether it is at your home or place of business, make your first call to the experts at Dependable Rooter & Plumbing. We are Sacramento's local trenchless sewer replacement and repair experts.

With trenchless relining, there will be no need to dig up your entire lawn, our process requires us to insert flexible pipes into the existing pipes. This means you will not need to replace grass, trees or shrubs. We provide reliable trenchless sewer repair in Sacramento at an affordable price and at the highest quality. We will complete the trenchless relining process by lifting manhole covers to install soft resin pipes that will harden later into a durable substance that helps to transport water and sewage. Cured-in-place pipes are the newest type of sewer line repair, and it is a faster method.

Many helpful services

The expert trenchless relining team from Dependable Rooter & Plumbing is able to offer many helpful services from, routine maintenance to emergency services. Whether it is your home or your place of business our team of professionals can help with any trenchless relining service. Our trenchless services are a fast and noninvasive process, compared to alternative pipe installation.

Rather than fixing one section of a sewer pipe, if your home or business has old sewer lines, we may recommend a total trenchless sewer replacement. This can often be the best solution, because old pipes typically are cracked, worn out and full of debris. To determine if a property requires a completely new sewer line system, we will complete a thorough inspection with a camera and computer screen to provide you with the most accurate recommendation.

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Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repairs
Minimize Property Damage

In the past, installing or replacing a damaged or outdated sewer pipe or sewer line was a huge project that involved digging up or around driveways, patios, hardscaping, lawns, flower beds, trees, irrigation lines, landscape lights and ore. It may have also required digging around utilities such as cable, electric, gas and water services. These are just some of the hazards you may have encountered using conventional excavation techniques.

We now have what is commonly referred to as trenchless pipe replacement or No Dig technology. This new method requires us to excavate one hole at the street where the sewer line from your house enters the main sewer line. We then use the existing pipe to pull a new steel wire through and use a trenchless pipe bursting head to pull the new line in as the pipe bursting head breaks the old pipe out of the way. This process leaves most of your outdoor area untouched.

If you're experiencing and sewer issues let the experts at Dependable fix the problem without all the stress and mess it can bring. Give us a CALL today!